Looking Back: The Pregnancy Up and Downs

Whether it’s a surrogacy pregnancy or a child of your own, every pregnancy is going to have good days and bad days. Pregnancy can change from person to person to each individual pregnancy. My three total pregnancies were all pretty similar but the last one was very different because it was a surrogacy pregnancy and, well, I was carrying twins, which I had never done before.

Twin pregnancy alone can be very hard. It can come with double the morning sickness, double the tiredness and pretty much double everything. Even with a normal singleton pregnancy you are going to have ups and downs, but I would say with my surrogacy twin pregnancy the ups and down were very different. 

Of course the end result was the best part and the greatest “up” moment of all. Although I didn’t bring home a baby at the end of the surrogate pregnancy, like I did with my own, I got to see someone so deserving bring home a baby or in my case, two babies. The other up to my surrogacy pregnancy was seeing those healthy heartbeats at the doctor’s office and then looking over and seeing my Intended Parents faces filled with joy and a smile form ear to ear. 

The downs of my surrogacy pregnancy were all the same as my other pregnancies. There was the day after day morning sickness early on and the extreme tiredness for the whole nine months. I also forgot what it was like to get a good night of sleep during most of the nine months of my pregnancy. But none of these downs made me regret the decision I made to help a family have a child to call their own.

I went on a journey with each pregnancy, all very similar but also very different. The ups out weighed the down every second of each pregnancy. 

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