Do I qualify?

While a big heart and a kind and generous nature are hugely important, additional requirements must be met for a woman to be admitted to our surrogacy program:

  • Preferably 21-35 years of age, up to healthy early 40’s

  • Resides in Colorado

  • Has given birth at least once and is currently raising that child

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) above 19 and below 32 (in some instances, a higher BMI is acceptable). Calculate my BMI

  • Does not use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes or marijuana, vape, consume cannabis products or abuse alcohol

  • Does not participate in certain government aid programs, including cash assistance, welfare, Section 8 housing or Medicaid

  • Women who have IUDs, contraceptive implants or have had the Depo Provera shot may apply; however, your application may be placed on hold

  • Has not undergone the Essure or Adiana procedure

  • Has the support and understanding of a spouse, close family or a proven support network

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