We offer a variety of surrogacy options for gay, lesbian and transgender intended parents, including biological children with the assistance of an egg donor and surrogate

Our same-sex parents experience a welcoming, flexible and nurturing environment at Colorado Surrogacy. In the spirit of support, we hold our clinics and partners to our same high standards for LGBTQ parenting through surrogacy.


As your surrogacy agency, we refer you to an attorney who specializes in family formation law to ensure that your parental rights are affirmed and safeguarded. Colorado has a favorable legal environment for same-sex and transgender surrogacy arrangements, including the placement of the names of both partners (or a single male or female parent) on the birth certificate. We closely monitor the international legal scene to keep tabs on developments around the world that might affect the LGBTQ intended parents in our care.

We’re committed to the LGBTQ community

In support of the rights of gay and lesbians to form a family, we’re members of the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD). We’ve taken the Gay Parents Assistance Pledge (GPAP) through an organization called Men Having Babies. A baby marks the first step in becoming a family. We’d be honored to take that step with you and promise to provide exceptional advice and guidance throughout the journey.