The Internet is filled with resources for intended parents and surrogates.

While Colorado Surrogacy does not endorse the following programs and services, we invite you to see what’s out there as you sort through your options. 

Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Healing Village Collective

CJ Chiropractic, LLC: Dr. Jenna Bridgewater, D.C

Dr. Kim Keene DC, PA Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Jennifer Ulman, L. Ac

Cecily Yousaf, MA. L.Ac, MSOM, CLC (Specializes in Fertility, Gynecology and Lactation)

Sharon Coles, D.C., Chiropractor Specializing in Pediatrics & Prenatal Care



Gay Parenting

Men Having Babies

Path 2 Parenthood

Infertility Advocacy and Resources


Path 2 Parenthood

Massage: Prenatal and Baby Massage

Community Midwifery


Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy


Community Midwifery


Healing Village Collective

Passport/Visa Services