The Journey of the Intended Parent

The journey to get to surrogacy for intended parents is unique and often a painful one. Many parents-to-be have been attempting to get pregnant using other methods for a very long time. Several have tried IVF and have been through a number of expensive and disappointing cycles. Intended parents may also be part of the LGBTQ community and are unable to carry a child themselves. This isn’t a choice that anyone makes easily. The process takes time and is quite costly.

Regardless of how or why someone makes the decision to partner with a surrogate to carry their child, it is life changing for everyone involved. A special relationship is about to begin and a woman will help build a family. 

Here are a couple of very different stories that both led to the same place; surrogacy.

A couple met and married later in life than they had originally planned. Education and careers were their priority, and they assumed once they decided to have children, it would happen easily. They wanted to start their family immediately after marriage but soon realized there may be a problem. They consulted specialists to find that due to a medical condition, the wife was unable to maintain a pregnancy. They were referred to a well-known and very successful reproductive endocrinologist to discuss their options. That’s the first time they were told they may want to consider surrogacy as an option. Because they were considered advanced in age and wanted to use both their own egg and sperm to create embryos, the physician gave them a tight timeframe in which to make some big decisions. Their story, as with so many who choose to use a surrogate to build their family, ended happily ever after…..oh but their happiness was times two as they welcomed beautiful, healthy twins into their life.

As a gay couple, these two men weren’t sure that they would ever become parents. Many people they knew actually assumed that they would never have children. The problem with that is that they both had always dreamed of becoming dads, and at our agency we believe that everyone has the right to be a parent. This happy couple invested a great deal of time and money, as they also needed to find an egg donor they felt was a good fit for them. They then began their surrogacy journey and built a beautiful relationship with the woman who carried their child. Their dream of being dads came true through surrogacy. 

We are grateful every day here at Colorado Surrogacy to play a small part in stories like these. They are all different, heartbreaking, yet full of hope as surrogacy becomes an option in becoming parents. Sticky thoughts, everyone!

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