A Family For Every Day

As the weather starts to turn colder (well, a little cooler, at least?), I start to feel the holidays coming. And by “start to feel them coming,” I mean that I seem to mutter every day, I can’t believe x month is over already. Where did all that time go? Why didn’t I even feel it pass? Why was every day so long, but now long gone?

Besides philosophizing about the infuriatingly quick passage of time, I think about family. The stress, the anticipation, the anti-climax, the fun times, the joy in my their eyes when they see me (nope, they’re looking at the kids). And being in the business of surrogacy (and as someone who is infertile without modern medicine), I think about the families that are still looking to create their families, to make their families match the vision in their heads, to have the chance to mistakenly think that Aunt Ruth wants to see them and not just their babies.

The amazing thing about surrogacy is that while parents get the chance to grow their family with a little one, they also get to grow their connection with the person who will be pregnant with and deliver their baby. The bond between intended parents and a surrogate is beautiful and sometimes intense and glowingly strong. For parents, a surrogate gives the biggest gift there is – the gift of a family. A family for every day, not just the holidays.

As the season of giving starts barging its way in, please think about this ultimate gift and if YOU might be in the position to give it. Your generosity and compassion will complete a family just waiting to be created. And as a bonus, we get to add you to OUR family of surrogates and parents. And when you walk through the door, those smiles on our faces are all for YOU.