The steps to surrogacy

The surrogate’s journey is beautiful, rewarding and not without its challenges (like pregnancy!). The good news? You’re never in this alone. We’re with you every step of the way, from our initial interview until after the baby is born.

Here’s the process, from A to Z:

  • Complete and submit our Surrogate Intake Form.
  • We call within 48 business hours to let you know your status. Qualifying individuals receive a longer, more thorough application via email.
  • We schedule you for a phone or in-person (preferable) interview with our staff. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.
  • We schedule your medical and psychological evaluations. Once we have the thumbs-up results, you’re officially on the Colorado Surrogacy team.
  • We prepare your Surrogate Profile for presentation to potential intended parents.
  • Ask questions at any time!
  • You’re matched with the intended parents—this can take a few months—and we arrange your meet-up.
  • An independent attorney, paid for by your intended parents, represents you in explaining and negotiating a legal contract between you, your spouse (if applicable) and the intended parents. This legal contract protects you as the surrogate and ensures that the child will be the legal child of the intended parents. The agreement includes your compensation plan and the wishes you and your intended parents have agreed to regarding the pregnancy and birth.
  • Once your regular menstrual cycles are established, a licensed reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor) at an IVF clinic prescribes the medications necessary for embryo transfer. The embryo transfer follows and the next stage—pregnancy—begins.
  • The Colorado Surrogacy team and your medical team support you, answer your questions and are here for you throughout your pregnancy.
  • The baby is born! Everyone celebrates the family you’ve helped to create! We’re standing by to help with any logistics and post-delivery concerns.

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