Callie Megel

Intake Coordinator

“EVERYTHING happens for a reason.” 
― Unknown

Callie is pretty much a celebrity with us. She was an amazing surrogate who carried twins for her intended parents with our agency. Her heart was so big that not only did she carry someone else’s babies, she was so passionate about helping other people make their dreams of having a family come true that she decided to come work for Colorado Surrogacy so she could help even MORE people. Yeah…she’s THAT great. Callie is originally from Brighton, CO. She’s been married to her fab husband for nearly a decade and has two adorable daughters and two fur babies. She has her B.A. in Human Services and overall is an incredibly amazing person.

Why she started working in surrogacy

“I was a surrogate and always felt a pull toward helping other surrogates.”

Why she’s passionate about working in this industry

“I love advocating for surrogates!”

How she’d use her surrogacy compensation

"I used mine to take my family on two amazing vacations, then saved the rest for a rainy day. I also bought the babies and IP lots of gifts.”

What kind of intended parents she’d want to work with

“I’d love to work with anyone!”

Her faves


I never liked reading.

Anything sweet




Lady Gaga


Calla Lily

I know NOTHING about ANY sport. So, no favorite teams!


What do you call a sleeping Dinosaur? A DinoSNorouse


Life! And other people’s happiness!


With every sadness there is happiness at the end of the sadness. No no sadness for me!


Family, Family, Family!