Game Changer: Postpartum Care and Colorado Surrogacy

As a new parent there is so much to learn and adjust to having a new baby in the house. It doesn’t matter how your baby came to you, the transition to parenting is a major task.  You may think that since you didn’t give birth and your body isn’t needing to recover from pregnancy, labor and delivery that you don’t need postpartum support.

You couldn’t be more wrong. In many ways, the lack of need for recover is a disadvantage. Because you don’t need to rest to recover you will likely try to do way too much and end up more tired than you need to be.

Newborns require constant care. The schedule is never ending. Yes, they sleep a lot. But they are also awake to eat every couple of hours all day and night. You wouldn’t start a new job without someone helping you learn the best ways to do your job. Parenting is no different. We don’t have the exposure to babies we use to have when we lived in small communities and all helped each other out. Your newborn may be the first newborn you have ever held. To expect you would know how to do it or what your baby needs is definitely an unrealistic expectation.

Postpartum Doulas

While family and friends can be helpful, they can also come with their own ideas and judgments about what the right or best way is to take care of your baby. A professional who is trained in supporting families in the early weeks and months of bringing a new baby home can make all the difference in feeling confident as you transition to your new role as a parent.

Understanding Your Babies Needs

A postpartum doula will help you understand what your baby needs. They will guide you through reading your baby’s cues for being hungry, tired, discomfort and over stimulation. They will teach you soothing techniques that include holding your baby in certain ways, wearing your baby, swaddling and movements that help to calm baby.  They will help you with feeding your baby. From storing and reheating breast milk, to formula to support with inducing lactation. They will help you with feeding and sleep schedules to maximize your own sleep and other needs.

Household Organization

A Postpartum Doula can help you set up your home to make the care of your baby and yourself easier.  From setting up the diaper changing table to organizing the clothes for easy access for what you will need the most. Creating baby care and feeding stations throughout the house so you can be anywhere in your home and have what you need within reach at any moment. How to set up your bedroom to make nighttime infant care work to support the best sleep for everyone.

Support You in Self Care 

With the ever present tasks and constant needs of your newborn taking care of yourself can be a struggle. Finding time to take a shower, eat a meal or even go to the bathroom can be difficult. Having support with a doula in your home so you can take a shower from start to finish without rushing can be your new favorite time of day. But your doula can also help you with how to take a shower when you're by yourself. They can also help you with feed prep strategies so you are able to eat well in the midst of the constant baby care.

Be Willing to Ask for Help!

There is an epidemic of Postpartum Mood disorders in new parents, both men and women. This is caused by the lack of support families have in the early weeks and months of having a new baby. It really does take a village to take care of a new baby if we want the parents to not become over exhausted both psychically and mentally. Despite the work and support we need in being new parents there is nothing as rewarding as being a parent.

Are you ready to start your journey to parenthood? Set up a free consult so we can discuss how we can support you through this journey.