The Birth - A Colorado Surrogate's Birth Experience

Birthing any child is hard work. It is painful and exhausting, to say the very least. Labor is amazing and the miracle of life is the greatest thing to witness, or in my case to give. This was the end goal in my surrogacy journey; it was to give the gift of life. In fact, I gave two! I could not be more proud of myself. The thing is, the actual birth part was the same as my other children. I had labor pains. I woke my husband up at three in the morning to rush me to the hospital and I checked in just the same. The only difference is that I also had two very excited people waiting to meet their little bundles of joy. 

My intended parents had waited so long (like 20 years long) for children. They have had many, many bumps in their journey, so while this birth was the same physically, at the same time it very different. 

For the birth I chose to have both intended parents in the room with me, as well as my husband. After six hours of labor and I was so ready to push. I had two babies so I had many doctors in the room for me and the babies just in case anyone needed any extra care. It was a full house! All were there to see this amazing gift that was going to be given. (Well, they were actually there doing their jobs, but I can dream a little. I mean they were all there because of what was going to happen!). I remember being so very cold and pushing Baby A out! Which was the girl twin. Heck yes, confirmation it was a girl! She came our strong and let us know right away she was here. Still, well over a year later she a strong and powerful little girl. A few minutes later Baby B, the boy, slowly came down. He took his time, also a very fitting show of his personality once on the outside, but he also came out letting us know he arrived. 

When both babies came out the intended parents were so happy. The smiles and tears in their eyes made every ache and pain worth it. Our journey was ended (well at least that part of it); we crossed the finish line in that delivery room with all those nurse and doctors witnessing it. I think we put on a pretty good show for them. I still get to see my intended parents and their amazing two babies that I got the privilege of giving them about a few times a year. They are over a year now, and I will never forget the day I gave birth. 

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