Surrogacy In The News

The world of IVF and fertility is advancing every day. We have a great appreciation for surrogacy and the options that provides for many LGBTQ people to have families as well as so many other incredible advances. The news is even becoming increasingly filled with stories about surrogacy and other fertility advancements. In case you’ve missed it, here are a few new ones…

Two People Carrying ONE Baby?!

Have you heard of the same sex couple that both carried their baby?!? This was possible because of a new fertility device called INVOcell. Let me explain a little. Typically, the eggs and sperm are retrieved, placed together and incubated in a lab. With the INVOcell, it allows the sperm and egg to be placed together in the INVOCell and incubated in the upper part of the vaginal cavity. The actual fertilization and embryo creation happen while the INVOcell is in the vaginal cavity. So cool right?! A same-sex couple from Texas was able to use this technology. One used the INVOcell to grow the embryo; the embryo was then frozen while the partner went through the embryo transfer medication cycle and had the embryo transfer.  They became pregnant on the first try! One carried for 5 days; the other for nine months. There is now another couple who has used the same procedure.

Andy Cohen Welcomes Surro Baby

February 4th, Andy Cohen, welcomed a baby boy through surrogacy. He has appeared on many news outlets and posted on social media about this experience: “Family means everything to me and having one of my own is something that I have wanted in my heart for my entire life”. If you have seen any one of his appearances, he is overjoyed and so excited that surrogacy was able to give him this child.

Frederik Eklund and his husband, Derek Kaplan, had twins with a surrogate in November. Their journey was not easy, as their surrogate had miscarried multiple times before the twins. Even with the difficulties, Eklund told PEOPLE exclusively after the season 6 finale of Million Dollar Listing New York, “It’s the biggest thing that could happen to us…It’s a boy and a girl, and it’s just beyond.

Shaun Ts Twinsanity

To add just one more recent shout out of surrogacy love, Shaun T, a celebrity fitness expert, and husband, Scott Blokker, praised their surrogate, Ashley, for their twin sons.

Technology and surrogacy are amazing, making so many more options available to those who want to build a family. Colorado Surrogacy is excited and ready to work with anyone in the LGBTQ community

Colorado is also a great place to have a surrogate and a baby because of the friendly legal/court system that frequently grants court orders for LGBTQ to be named as parents! 

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