Meet Patience Elizabeth, Colorado Surrogacy's Newest Team Member!

My name is Patience Elizabeth, and I have been working with families and children for over 20 years. I began as a preschool teacher while I worked toward my bachelors degree in Developmental Psychology (2002) and my Masters in Educational Psychology (2004). It was during this time I realized the lack of support parents had in understanding their child’s development. Then, as I had children of my own, I realized how much lack of support parents have in every aspect of parenting. 

In 2003, I began training as a Childbirth Educator and a Doula and started developing my parenting curriculum. It was at this time I met a woman who was a surrogate. I talked with her many times about her journey and wondered if that was something I would ever be able to do.

Over the next decade, I built my parent coaching and doula practice and grew my family. 

I have 4 amazing children. Calvin is 19 years old and attends Metropolitan State University as a Pre-Med student. Rigel, 17 years old, is a Junior in high school and a performer. This year he is the lead in every show and is the co-director of the improv group. Lennon is 15 years old and is a Freshman is high school. His dream is to be the first man on Mars. Bailey is 12 years old, my only daughter. She is in the 7th grade and a dedicated ballerina. She dances 9 hours a week and wishes she could dance more.

In 2014, one of my clients, who had major issues following the delivery of her first baby was looking into the best ways to grow her family. Carrying her own child again would have been very risky. As she and I talked I realized surrogacy was her best option. Right there without even thinking, I offered to be her surrogate

Due to our past history and relationship, she and her husband opted to use a surrogate they didn’t already know. I completely supported this choice and was their supporting them as a doula through their journey.

This experience helped me realize I was ready and wanted to be a gestational carrier. So I began the process. At the time I worked with an out of state agency but called Ellen Trachman right away to be my lawyer. Ellen and I had met through networking, and I thought she was fantastic.

My journey as a gestational carrier was not an easy one, but one I will cherish it forever. You can listen to my story on the podcast.

I was so excited to hear that Ellen and Jennifer were starting an agency. Colorado was lacking a good surrogacy agency. I did everything I could to support them.

This last year has brought many changes to my life. One of these changes was my marriage ending. This change created an opportunity for me to expand my professional wings. When I thought about where I could use my unique experiences to truly make a difference, Colorado Surrogacy was one of the first places I thought of.

I’m very excited to be part of the Colorado Surrogacy team and to use my knowledge and experience to help make happy families.