The 5 must haves for baby you need way more of than you think

In our modern world the list of things you need to take care of your new baby can go on and on. From carseats and strollers to diapers and wipes, you’re buying so many new things to make life with baby as safe and comfortable as possible it can make your head spin.

In the process of getting all this new stuff, for a situation you have never been in before, it’s easy to misjudge how much of everything you need.

There are a few items we find most parents don’t get enough of. Then you find yourself ordering next day delivery from amazon in the middle of the night!

Here’s a list of essentials you need to buy in bulk. Okay, maybe not bulk, but you're going to need more of these than you can think is possible. You’ll understand once your baby arrives.

1. Sheets- 

Whatever your baby is sleeping in you will need sheets for the mattress. Most of us think 2 or 3 is plenty. One on the mattress, one clean, one in the laundry.  With a newborn you could go through 3 sheets in one night alone! 

We recommend 5-10 sheets for the baby’s bed.

2. Changing Pads- 

A newborn needs a diaper change 10-15 times a day. During those diaper changes, your baby will often pee or poop while the diaper is off. You’re going to need to protect the surface you are changing the baby on, be that a special diaper changing mat, a changing table or even the floor or bed. 

You won’t always want to have to go to the changing table to change your baby’s diaper. Having a changing pad and diapers in the main part of the house is also very helpful. 

Changing pads are also handy for those times you’re away from home. Sometimes the pad will be to protect the furniture you’re changing your baby on, and sometimes it will be to protect your baby from the gross public changing tables. 

Having a few different kinds in a few different sizes will allow you to be prepared for all the diaper changes in all the different places. You’ll want make sure you’re keeping some in all the important places. 1-2 in the diaper bags, 1-2 in each car, 1-2 on each floor the house. You can see how quickly the number you need adds up.

We recommend 7-15 changing pads.

3. Swaddlers and Swaddle Blankets - 

Wrapping up your baby will help to keep them calm and warm. There are many different ways to wrap your baby. There are receiving blankets, swaddle blankets and the fancy swaddle wraps. 

There are different reasons to have some of each different kind. And as you may have realized by now, babies are very messy. 

The swaddle blankets will get spit up on and have diaper blow outs in them. The more clean or germ aware you are, the more of these you will want.

We recommend 10-15 swaddle blankets—about 3-5 of each different kind.

4. Burp clothes

Burp clothes are the barrier between your baby’s messiness and you. You will be wearing these as your new over the shoulder accessory at all times. You might also add one in as your lap cover when you're sitting. You will never want to be more than an arm’s reach away from one of these.

There are many different kinds of these, too. Some people use wash clothes, others use cloth diapers. Get a few different kinds to start and when you discover your favorite type, order the lot.

We recommend 20-30 of these.

5. Pajamas 

Baby clothes can be so fun to buy and everyone love to give an adorable outfit for the new family member. But the truth is most of those outfits are impractical. 

You’ll be spending most of your time in the first couple months at home learning how to meet your baby’s needs and transitioning into parenthood. 

If you’re not all at home in your pajamas, you’re probably overdoing it and losing out on important rest. If you’re at home in your PJ’s, your baby likely is too. Just like your baby will make a mess of everything around them they will also make a mess of their clothes and you’ll find you go through far more pajamas than you thought possible.

We recommend 15-20 pajamas.

At Colorado Surrogacy, we understand that there’s more to the process than just finding a surrogate and getting pregnant, our commitment to the new families we help create extends beyond the birth. 

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