Callie's Surrogacy Story: Twins!

Callie is a true hero to one very fortunate couple, who is now a family, thanks to Callie’s generosity. It takes a very special woman to say, “Sure. I’ll take about a year out of my life to carry a baby (or babies!) for you, so that you can experience this incredible thing that I get to experience every day called parenthood.” Callie says she couldn’t think of a bigger gift to share with someone, and we would agree with that. 

Although it seems that the initial process is a lot of time consuming paperwork and screenings, you suddenly find yourself being matched with potential intended parents. Callie found that piece of the process to be easy, exciting and a bit nerve racking. After all, this is a huge step, meeting the couple whose child(ren) you’ll carry and nurture for the next 9 months. 

And away they went, off to create a family! 

Something that was wonderfully unexpected for Callie was that this experience created a huge caring bond with her family, as well as the IP family. Her family was one more piece of support for her and the IPs. She hadn’t thought about that or expected it before they started. What a great bonus that her family rallied around her, the tiny lives inside of her, and the excited parents to be.

Callie, her husband, and daughters have a wonderful and positive way about them, sharing their journey openly with family and friends, and whoever would ask for more info on her surrogacy journey.  Her children even understood the process and were on board. They were able to hold the babies at birth and love on them too.

Callie has been a real trooper. She unfortunately experienced preterm labor and was put on modified bedrest for weeks, which isn’t uncommon with multiples. This was pretty tough with two young and active little girls. Grateful for her family’s help and support, she persevered and kept the twins growing and healthy until she delivered them naturally (Wow! You go girl!!!) in March of 2018. 

Here’s where it gets even better! As parents, we understand the joy of bringing our own children into this world, but can you imagine being able to literally give this gift to someone who has so much love to provide to a child, but is unable to do this? Infertility is devastating for so many, and to see that all wiped away by the joy on new parents’ faces is incredible. Callie describes this moment so beautifully by saying, “It was amazing! Happy tears came! Even when I see them now I am still very happy for them. All the struggles we had and tears I had through the journey, seeing them with their babies made it worth it.” 

When asked about her labor and delivery of these healthy sized twins, she says, “It was awesome! Everything went great! Labor went smooth I was able to see the babies and hold them as much as I wanted. I never felt like I gave them up at all.”  She so simply answers the question that a lot of women considering surrogacy ask.  Although Callie looks absolutely beautiful in her delivery photos, her only recommendation here is, “don’t forget about all the photos! Tuck a little make-up and lip gloss in your hospital bag.” 

Callie and her family, after building a wonderful relationship during pregnancy, have remained very close with the new family they helped to create. She receives photos often and says they always end up visiting much longer than planned at weekly breast milk drop offs.  

Colorado Surrogacy is grateful and humbled to be able to be part of this amazing journey. We’re happy that you felt encouraged and supported by our team. Thank you, Callie, for giving of yourself so generously and giving the priceless gift of family.

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