Concierge Surrogacy Services for LGBTQ Families

Building a family through surrogacy is an incredible life changing experience.

Finding the right woman to carry a child for you is clearly a very important part of this process. A surrogacy matching agency can help manage everything from start to finish, including providing potential screened gestational carrier candidates, but many also provide concierge surrogacy services. This means that if you already have a wonderful friend or family member who has offered the amazing gift of carrying a child for you, the agency will help to ensure all your legal bases are covered and the process goes smoothly.  This allows you to rest assured that the details are covered, allowing you to focus on growing your family.

No one likes to discuss money. Yuck!

An agency can take this out of the equation for you and your surrogate. Even if a generous family member, for example, is going to carry for you without compensation, there will still be expenses and bills to be paid. A knowledgeable agency can help you with resources to handle that. All too often there are complaints that talking about money was the hardest part of an independent surrogacy. This can leave you in the unfortunate position of eroding a wonderful relationship with someone who cares enough about you to want to help you build your family.

If you are self (or independent) matching and looking for a surrogate online, as an intended parent this can sometimes open you up to opportunistic people.

It’s hard to sort through this on your own. Although there is definitely a level of trust that is needed, certain things can’t be left to chance like medical, background and psychiatric screening. An agency with concierge services can take care of those pieces of the puzzle for you.

The legal aspect of the surrogacy journey can be daunting!

Both sides should have their own representation, and a contract should definitely be in place. Finding trusted legal counsel that specializes in the right area of law can be a challenge and a concierge service can help make great recommendations. They’ll also remind you to make sure some of the less thought of details are in place, such as estate planning and making certain guardianship plans are in place in case something happens to you before your child is born.

A second important legal piece is the Pre-Birth Order, which is applied for after the gestational carrier is pregnant.

In Colorado, same sex parents are able to have both of their names on the birth certificate as well. Utilizing concierge services ensures that all of these details are not forgotten. 

A concierge service can also help out with things at the hospital once it’s time for baby’s arrival. It can be a confusing time for the staff, especially if the hospital has never dealt with surrogacy before, and concierge services can make sure it is a wonderful and smooth experience for intended parents and carrier.

Whether you choose to use an agency for 100% of the surrogacy process or just concierge services, the surrogacy journey can be overwhelming without some help, and we want you to feel secure every step of the way. Contact a member of our team for a free consultation to ask about our individualized concierge services.

Want to feel secure through your self-matched surrogacy journey?