Carrying Twins or Triplets in Surrogacy

Double the fun doesn’t really apply when it comes to being pregnant with twins.  No one ever says, “I sure can’t wait to have two tiny people pushing on my bladder at the same time and one always moving, so I can’t get a minute of sleep.” However, if you are one of those incredible women who wants to help someone not only start their family, but possibly complete it too, by carrying multiples, it is an incredible gift. Can you imagine the joy times two?  I hope everyone’s doubling up on the baby gifts, because it’s about to get crowded.

While some gestational carriers prefer to carry one baby for their intended parents, others are excited at the prospect of carrying multiples.

Here are a few of the differences between these experiences:

Pregnancy is wonderful, and women all over the world do it all the time, but carrying multiples can be much riskier. There is additional monitoring of the gestational carrier, which means additional appointments and a greater time commitment.  It can be quite taxing on your body. Women who have carried twins say they were twice as tired, twice as hungry, and twice as nauseous. This isn’t true for everyone, but be prepared that if you’re blessed with carrying multiples, it’s a more complicated journey. There’s a good chance you’ll be on bed rest or modified bed rest at some point while your body works to get the babies to a safe and healthy birth. The health risks to you as well as the beautiful babies you’re carrying are increased as well. There is a much greater chance that you’ll deliver early, and the babies may require some time in the NICU. As you can imagine, your body will also be carrying significantly more weight. You’ll need some additional help while carrying multiples, so have some friends/family at the ready, as well as services you may need, such as grocery delivery and house cleaning, in the back of your mind.

There is increased compensation if you’re carrying multiples due to the additional time commitment and physical toll this can have on your body. Although there is some variance between agencies, that amount is generally $5,000 per extra baby you are carrying. There is a greater chance of having a c-section if you’re carrying multiples, and if that becomes necessary per your physician, you would receive an additional fee as well. The standard amount is $2,500. While the compensation is higher to carry more than one baby, you’ll want to consider the potential risks and differences between a singleton and multiple pregnancy. Be sure to discuss all of this with your healthcare provider, agency, and intended parents before you make making this very important decision.

The pressure is on! It’s up to you to attend all of the appointments you’re told to, let them poke and prod as necessary, rest your amazing body, and take in all of the good food you can, because you are growing two tiny people inside of you. Like the responsibility of carrying a child for someone else isn’t huge enough, now double that. Everyone is super excited and even more nervous. This can be quite the weight to carry, so reach out to your agency if you need additional support or help finding resources. The wonderful thing about the internet is that even with your feet up creating life, you can still connect with other gestational carriers, especially those carrying multiples like yourself. This may be a great way to give and receive support throughout your surrogacy journey.

Regardless of how many babies you’re carrying for someone else, know that you are an amazing human being and will change lives forever.

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