Gifts For Your Surrogate During The Holidays

What a magical time of year! Snowy Colorado mountains, sleigh rides, hot cocoa and shopping. Yay! Whether your surrogate celebrates Christmas, Hanukah or any of the many other winter celebrations, be sure to include her, and perhaps her family, in your gift giving this year. We try to lend a hand in this department by sharing a few details on the profile, such as favorite author, color, flower, food, movie, etc. Hopefully, that will kick start some ideas. With some previous surrogates on staff, we’ve also got a few suggestions of our own. 


Being pregnant, or running around to appointments/monitoring/transfer working toward being pregnant, can be exhausting. How convenient to have a meal all ready to pop from the freezer to the oven. You can order an entire meal from Omaha Steaks and have it shipped frozen in a cooler to your surrogate. She can prepare it whenever she would like. It’s a big help to her and a delicious gift to her family as well. A similar fresh version of that idea would be to send dinner from a meal delivery service, such as Hello Fresh. You’ll want to consider how your carrier is feeling at that time. The food is perishable and would need to be prepared fairly soon.

If that wonderful surrogate in your life isn’t feeling up to cooking at the moment or you’re not quite sure what type of food the whole family would like, a restaurant gift card is a great idea. A nice meal out with the family is always loved. Everyone’s relationship with their surrogate and her family differs, but make this a more personal gift by inviting the family out to dinner. It’s a nice way to bond and get to know the kiddos too.


What better way to show your appreciation than to pamper your surrogate. No woman has ever said, “Oh, no thanks. I’d prefer not to go to the spa.” Although some of us may prefer a manicure to a massage or a deep conditioning hair treatment to a pedicure, there’s something for everyone at the spa. You can also tailor this gift to your budget. You can give the gift of a pedicure or a half or full day at the spa and she can choose the services she prefers. A lovely and luxurious option is Tall Grass Aveda Spa & Salon in Evergreen. There are also plenty of day spa or nail salon options all over town.  [We’d be more than happy to test them out for you to make certain they are up to standards.  😉 ]

If you’d like to keep it a bit more personal, fill a basket with some bath/shower gels, scrubs, lotions, candles. A nice face mask or at home conditioning treatment for her hair would be great. Toss in a book by her favorite author and some caffeine-free herbal tea to complete your gift.


We all love our families and can never get enough of their cute faces. Give her frames to put beautiful family photos in. Another thought is a warm, snuggly blanket with photos of her family all over it. She’ll love anything like this or that’s personalized with the family name or kids’ names. It’s sweet to show her that she and her family are sharing in an important part of your life. 


Denver always has loads of cool things going on! As long as your surrogate is feeling up to getting out and about, a fun gift for the whole family would be tickets to Zoo Lights, Blossoms of Light at Denver Botanic Gardens or perhaps The Nutcracker. While ice skating is definitely out, maybe they’d enjoy hot cocoa and a horse drawn carriage ride. We’ve found a variety of options around Colorado. Although it’s a bit of a drive up the mountain, The Georgetown Loop offers special Holiday train rides or the Santa Express in Canon City as well as options throughout the rest of the year. Sounds like a fun filled family day. 

Maybe you’d like to treat your surrogate to a special date night with her partner. You could spring for dinner and Comedy Works or a movie. 

These are just some of the ideas we came up with. During the holidays, it’s wonderful to show your surrogate that you care with a little gift giving. Oh and some homemade goodies never hurt either. 

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