Looking Back On Why I Became A Surrogate

On March 14th 2018, I birthed two screaming, healthy babies – with 12 pounds of total combined weight! One year before that, I had a special tug on my heart that led me to that place. 

Of course I had watched all the celebrity shows with surrogacy. I had also read all the negative horror stories about surrogacy, but I remember I had a little tug on my heart that just kept pushing toward the idea. It was something that I just couldn’t get off my mind. I wanted to do something so big in my life for someone else that there would be no way they could repay me. I didn’t want to be praised or glorified, I just wanted to make someone very happy. I also got very excited at the prospect of the very special bond I was going to create with someone.  

Like any normal person, I had tons of questions, tons of concerns and tons of hope. So what does every average millennial do? We ask Google! So I turned to Google to get my answers. Looking back at this now, it was a horrible idea, but it did end up leading me to finding an agency that would soon support me in my journey to helping a wonderful family. Colorado Surrogacy was there to pick up where Google left off (and, wow, does internet research leave a lot unknown about how the process works in reality!), and they made everything so easy and smooth. I filled out my intake form and got a call a day later. I was able to call them anytime with ANY questions or concerns I had. They gave me all the right information and kept me on board with everything.  

That one tug at my heart led to two healthy babies. If you feel like you might want to help a family grow that wouldn’t be able to without your help, fill out an intake form. Colorado Surrogacy would be happy to give you a call as well and answer all of your questions to see if you want to start down the same path I took!

Interested in Becoming a Gestational Surrogate?