Getting Your Spouse On Board With Surrogacy

I remember the exact day and place I told my husband I wanted to look into surrogacy. I remember that day very well because his response was not what I wanted to hear!  His excitement was not the highest, and his questions were endless. As with so many spouses the typical instinct is to protect; this was my husband’s first instinct when I approached him with the idea. He was not against helping a family have a child of their own, he was just concerned because all he knew about surrogacy were all the bad things you see on social media and hear about on the news. I then mumbled under my breath: “Well, I already applied to become a surrogate, and I have an in person interview set up for Monday.” At this point there was no turning back on the conversation; I had pulled him in. That next Monday a Colorado Surrogacy intake coordinator showed up at our house and my husband asked every question imaginable. All the who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s and what ifs. The Colorado Surrogacy intake coordinator was more than happy to answer all of his questions (and mine, too!) and was open and honest to all of our questions even if those answers where not all sunshine and rainbows. 

The truth is, surrogacy is a journey for you and your family.  Your spouse is more than a spouse; they’re a support partner. Your support person can be mother, family member, or a close friend that you choose to come with you on this journey. Your support may or may not be on board with surrogacy from the start, but Colorado Surrogacy is more than happy to answer any questions your spouse or support person might have before or during the process. We are all human and all need a hand to hold sometimes. Surrogacy is an unknown journey, and the fear of the unknown can scare us more than anything. Colorado Surrogacy is here every step of the way to support whatever decision you and your spouse decide to make. Fill out our intake form today, and we’ll be happy to reach out and answer any and all questions you and your spouse have!