Finding A Surrogate In Colorado

Colorado is great for many reasons…Great sports teams with the Broncos, Rockies and Avalanche. Great malls and even better outlets. Most importantly, friendly faces wherever you go. It is the Mile High City after all, and we love it!

Here are the top 3 reasons to choose a surrogate in Colorado:

  1. 300 days of sun a year; or so we like to say ;-)!! Colorado is a health-conscious state. Honestly the 300 days is probably a little misleading, as some days that sun is only out for a partial day; however, it can be freezing, snowing or raining, and the sun still be shining! Because of all that sun, it is not hard, even if it’s cold, to get out to all the wonderful places to exercise. This makes Colorado one of the healthiest, fittest and most active states. How can it not be when you can water ski in the summer and snow ski in the winter. This also means healthy babies, with some of the lowest infant mortality rates and higher breastfeeding rates than the national average. 

  2. Colorado is BEAUTIFUL! We have it all—plains, lakes, rivers, sand dunes and mountains. Among all the beautiful landscape, we have some of the best medical care, including fertility clinics in the United States. This means your surrogate won’t have to travel far for great medical care during her screening, transfer, pregnancy and birth!

  3. Colorado has a progressive legal climate that is friendly to all types of families! Pre-Birth Orders, court documents stating who goes on the birth certificate, are granted for heterosexual couples, single mothers, single fathers and those part of the LGBTQ community. This is especially important because the baby’s documents are in the Parent’s names, not the Surrogates, from birth! A little bonus is it typically costs a little less for court fees than most states too ;-).

BONUS: Colorado Surrogacy is local to Colorado. We have people on the ground here every day; we live here! We want to be available and supportive through this process. We offer multiple monthly meet-ups and special events and will meet you where you are if needed. We love Colorado, and we love what we do. Visit us at, and fill out our intake form to become a Gestational Carrier (surrogate) or click here for a free consultation as an Intended Parent. 

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