Types of Women Who Enjoy Pregnancy

Talking about being pregnant and giving birth amongst moms can provide hours of entertainment (and sometimes unwanted horror). While many moms commiserate about the back pain, the sleepless nights, the swelling and the 42-hour labors, there are those women who sheepishly admit to LOVING being pregnant. Everyone else’s jaws drop, and the word “crazy” isn’t far off. But these moms who loved pregnancy might just be perfect for surrogacy – you know the ones to look for (and you may be one yourself!):

1. The Glowing Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy suits this woman. She looks like sunshine, her hair is flowing and full (and somehow sparkling with the good of the universe?), and she walks around with an extra bounce in her step. I personally think it’s hard to find a pregnant woman who doesn’t look great, but some pregnant women just look fantastic. All the time. Like they haven’t had trouble sleeping, they haven’t had a 2-month slap battle with heartburn, and their back feels great, thank you very much. Many of us will sit back and be jealous, but if this is you, or your dear friend, you might make a wonderful surrogate! Many surrogates list missing the feeling of being pregnant as a reason they’d love to help another family have the baby of their dreams.

2. The Upbeat Pregnant Woman

This pregnant woman may have the symptoms that many pregnant women face, but she is eternally upbeat about it. “I just love being pregnant! How can you not?” may be a phrase you’ve heard her say. Her upbeat attitude, while hard to take if you’re not enjoying your own pregnancy quite as much, is inspirational. She loves going places pregnant, doesn’t mind people incessantly asking about her due date or asking to touch her belly. She may also make a great surrogate – willingness to talk about your journey as a surrogate, and share that journey with your intended parents (and your own network) is key to making a surrogacy pregnancy a breeze.

3. The “Natural” Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is the most natural process this woman has ever undertaken, and she’s loving it. She looks carefree doing her prenatal yoga with her organic ginger tea in a fair trade mug. Every new phase of pregnancy is a chance to get deep into her feelings and practice body awareness. She’s already chosen the perfect birth center and has started taken medication-free birthing classes at her doula’s collective. While it is true that surrogates are often asked to be open about possible medical intervention or giving birth in a hospital, there is plenty of room for surrogates who prefer the natural path and are looking for similarly-minded intended parents. Some intended parents love the idea of having a woman who is very health-conscious. The agency and the fertility clinic may ask you to be open, but a good match can be made on “natural” values. If this is you, be sure to talk to your agency about your preferences, or if you are self-matching, definitely make it something you talk about early on with your intended parents.

4. The Grateful Pregnant Woman

This pregnant woman is just happy to be here. Maybe she has experienced pregnancy loss before, or maybe she is just able to see every pregnancy for what it is: a miracle. This is not to say we don’t all agree that pregnancy is amazing (or that we aren’t all grateful for it), but some women are able to appreciate that amazingness in the moment. This awareness of pregnancy as never certain can be a great quality in a surrogate. Many times intended parents have been through a long, hard journey of infertility and having a surrogate who is sensitive to that, and who believes that every pregnancy is something to celebrate, can be a great help and make a wonderful match.

5. You?

Everyone is pregnant differently, and every pregnancy is different. If you have a passion for helping people, and if you had healthy pregnancies and deliveries with no complications, you might be the perfect candidate for surrogacy (even if you didn’t enjoy 3 months of morning sickness). While it helps to enjoy being pregnant, even more important is a commitment to helping others and feeling compassion for those who so desperately want to be parents. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out our intake form here to get more information or to start your journey. And if you don't think being a surrogate is right for you, you may know the perfect mom out there for it - and that's great news, too, because we have a referral bonus of $1,000 if you refer someone and they go through to be matched with intended parents.

Photo by Marcos Moraes on Unsplash