Attention Gay Dads: Find Your Gestational Carrier in Colorado

By: Suzie White

Of course you want your surrogate to live in the beautiful, fitness-friendly Colorado: we have a great social and legal climate here for surrogacy, as well as having a very supportive LGBTQ community. Gay dads couldn’t ask for a better place to grow a baby! Well, there are other states that are surrogacy friendly as well, but we are kind of partial to colorful Colorado, as we are one of the few local surrogacy agencies in the state. Here are some reasons we think you should find your gestational carrier in the home of the Mile High City:

Colorado has beautiful mountain ranges and has outstanding medical care.
Some of the world’s leading fertility clinics are located right here in Denver. We have access to top rated fertility specialists, hospitals and birthing centers, so your gestational carrier won’t need to travel for the best medical care. 

Colorado has a friendly court system to LGBTQ families.
Both dads get to be dads in black and white! Our court system in Colorado will put the names of the one or two parents of the child on the pre-birth order (and therefore the birth certificate) regardless of sex. This is a huge step in equality and also practical as far as parenting goes. Filing fees for pre-birth orders are also less expensive in Colorado than in states with specific surrogacy laws. 

Colorado is welcoming and has a progressive legal climate.
Not all states allow surrogacy in one form or another, so do your homework before choosing. Colorado is surrogacy friendly, meaning you can spend your time focusing on welcoming your new baby!

Colorado is cool and has healthy babies.
We have a lower infant mortality rate and higher breastfeeding rate than the national averages, which can be important factors in deciding where to choose your surrogate mother.

Colorado has 300 days of sun a year (sort of) and is a health conscious state.
So maybe the “300 days” thing is a bit of a myth, but it’s not far off. Coloradans always rank high as far as being healthy, fit and active. With so many sunny days, it’s hard not to get out to the farmer’s market, climb the stairs at Red Rocks, or walk your dog in Wash Park.

It’s so exciting to get started on your journey to adding a baby to your family. Colorado is the perfect place to get started!

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash