Photos During the Surrogacy Process

It’s such an amazing time – your surrogate is pregnant with your little one and this is REALLY happening. Your baby will be here in a few months and there is so much to get done. Pregnancy is a beautiful time and you may want to document it with pictures – but how do you approach this intimate subject with your surrogate? Here are some tips for getting those adorable surrogacy maternity photo shoots going!

Ask early: Even if you aren’t sure that you’ll even want pictures during the pregnancy, talk to your surrogate before matching to see her and her family’s willingness to do photos. Most surrogates are thrilled to be a part of their IPs’ photos, but it’s worth talking over early. She may have modesty requests for photos, but probably nothing you’re not already certain to be respectful of!

Styles and Timelines:  Do you want pictures of the pregnancy every month, or just a couple of times during the pregnancy? Do you just want birth pictures? Do you have a vision for how the photos will look and who will be in the photos? Will it be just you and the surrogate’s belly, or will there be other family members as well?

Research your photographers: Online surrogacy boards and communities are a great place to find recommendations on professional photographers! It can sometimes help if your photographer has done a surrogacy pregnancy/birth before, but it’s not necessary. You may also have a family friend in mind who could help out. You may also just want to ask the surrogate (or her partner) to take monthly pictures in the same location so you can have a souvenir of baby growing – your surrogate is likely very excited to help you document this beautiful process.

Props?: There are a lot of adorable surrogate maternity photo ideas, including chalk board props, clever positioning, t-shirts, ultrasounds, and holding bellies and hands. What do you want your photos to look like?

Run your plan past your surrogate: Even if your surrogate is totally game for whatever you want to do for photos, make sure to share with her (or even brainstorm with her) ideas on taking photos.

Delivery room photos: The best way to approach the subject of delivery room photos is to just bring it up. Delivery room photos are more and more common, and many surrogates are happy to be part of them. Just make sure you’ve discussed your vision with your surrogate and with your photographer. Get excited – and teary – here comes your baby, and take heart that you’re going to be able to relive that beautiful moment through these photos.

Don’t be afraid to ask your surrogate to help you out with photos of the pregnancy and delivery. Your surrogate wants you to have the full experience of pregnancy and will most likely be open to how you want to document it. Just be open and give her a heads up and you’ll end up with pictures that will make the world swoon with love for your beautiful family.


Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash