Requests Intended Parents Make of Their Surrogates

Becoming a surrogate means meeting lots of requirements like no smoking, stipulations made during the legal process, or other questions that arise about the surrogate and their life. After the get to know you and legal nitty gritty, a bond like no other is created. Intended Parents sometimes make sweet requests of their surrogate.  Here are just a few of those sweet requests.


Doctor’s Appointments

It’s not uncommon for a surrogate and the intended parents to not live in the same state, which means that IPs may not always be able to attend OB appointments. Some IPs request that the surrogate FaceTime or otherwise “share” the appointment or record the baby’s heartbeat.



Doctors often recommend that pregnant women follow diets high in protein, fiber, and vegetables while avoiding some foods that are more prone to causing bacterial infections. Some IPs go beyond doctors’ recommendations and may ask for a gluten-free diet or a diet with certain allergens eliminated. The GC should always be consulted beforehand and have the chance to negotiate these requests.


Maternity Shoot

This is a journey that the GC and IPs take together and having a maternity shoot together is a great way to remember these special moments and be able to show them to the child later.


Gender Reveal

The gender reveal is always an exciting part of pregnancy! The IPs may request that the surrogate participate in a gender reveal party or be the only one who knows the gender to keep it a secret until birth.



The IPs may not live in Colorado, or even in the United States. Sometimes after the birth of the baby, IPs may invite the surrogate (and her family possibly!) to come and visit their home and their new baby.  



If the IPs don’t live in Colorado, or don’t live in the same city as the GC, they may request frequent Skype calls to see how the surrogate is doing and see their baby’s growth!


Friends and Family

IPs are grateful for the surrogate and her journey with them, and sometimes this means letting them into their family circle of relatives and friends who will be part of the baby’s life.


Baby Shower

A really sweet request is inviting the GC to the IPs’ baby shower and including her in this special event of celebrating a new life.


The surrogacy journey can be difficult and some requests may seem like burdens at times, but taking the requests seriously and with a positive attitude can make all the difference. It’s important to know if you have any “deal-breaker” requests, but do remember that often extra requests are intended to be sweet and in the best interest of all those involved. Working together to create this beautiful dream is sometimes challenging but worth the amazing outcome.