What to Get Your Surrogate for Her Birthday

Birthdays are important and sometimes we take them for granted. This is a great day to show a little extra appreciation to your surrogate as she gets ready to deliver a new birthday to your family!

It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to honoring your surrogate on her birthday, and here are some ways to make her feel special and appreciated.


Time With Family

Gift cards for a restaurant or ordering food and having it delivered to the family can be a great way to give your surrogate a little break from preparing meals and let her spend that extra time with her family. Sending tickets for a family outing to the aquarium or the zoo can also be a great idea, if it’s the right time of year.


Time For Herself

You can’t really go wrong with a gift card for a pre-natal massage or a manicure/pedicure at a local spa. The relaxation and “me-time” will go a long way to warming your surrogate’s heart.



Does your surrogate love to read or listen to books on audible? Does she do ink drawings in her notebooks? Has she been craving music other than whatever her young kids are listening to? Get her credits to Amazon or to Audible, or a new set of artist’s pens, or an iTunes card.


Special Token

Maybe your surrogate collects sea turtle stuff or maybe you have a passion for Wonder Woman collectibles – giving your surrogate something that’s important to her or to you is a great way to show you pay attention and you care.


Gift Cards

Sometimes people discount the gift card as not having enough thought behind them, but really, is there anything anyone likes more than a gift card to Target? If there is, I haven’t found it.



It’s always a gamble to buy jewelry for someone else. But if you know your surrogate’s favorite color and you’ve seen her wearing some amazing chunky necklaces recently, take that gamble! Charm bracelets or angel pins can also be a great way to let her know your feelings around the gift she is giving you.


Traditional Giving

Sending flowers or cookies or a heartfelt card are still some of the best ways to tell someone you care.


Regardless of what you choose, the point is to remember and to do something, even something small.  Picking a gift that is personal and important to her is great, but if you aren’t sure what she might like, do remember that it truly is the thought that counts.