Happy Halloween from Colorado Surrogacy

Happy Halloween, Everyone! We had this idea to start a post about our support of gay parents and parenting with a “5 Halloween Costumes for Surrogates Carrying for Two Dads,” but it pretty quickly got weird (and objectifying): Oven, bun and bakers; Mars and its 2 moons; a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball (Barbie doll over the baby bump) and construction workers; Juno and two guys from the school running team. I’m sure this Halloween there are scarier things out there than these hopeless ideas, but I don’t know what they are.

I’m putting this failure aside and getting to the point: Our core belief at Colorado Surrogacy is that family comes in all shapes and sizes. It is also one of our main values to support the LGBTQI community, especially when it comes to family and parental rights. We feel very lucky to get to do this work of helping families grow, no matter what that family looks like: two dads or moms, one mom or one dad, a mom and dad, parents who already have children, and the list goes on!

We are also incredibly lucky to work with gestational carriers (GC) who are willing to carry babies for growing families. Several of our GCs have a preference to work with gay parents because they also feel deeply about supporting the gay parenting community (call us at 720-209-4677 to hear more about our cleared GC candidates!).

We work to be an everyday ally to queer parents, not only in our daily work to match and manage matches between intended parents (IPs) and GCs, but also through our community memberships (we are a proud member of the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce), and through our commitment to promoting understanding of 3rd Party Reproduction law (see Ellen Trachman, Esq.’s posts on these issues!).  Ellen was even named Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year in 2015 by the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for her work supporting the community.  And this year she was named 2017 Legal Program Volunteer of the Year by The GLBT Community Center for her commitment to providing legal protection to members of the community even when they don’t have the resources to hire an attorney.

If you have questions about how the surrogacy process works, or how to get started on your journey to parenthood today, please contact us at info@coloradosurro.com. We are also happy to share with you more Halloween costume ideas (or, even more helpful, NOT share them).

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash