Two Sassy Sisters Start a Surrogacy Agency in Colorado

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When people first discover that Ellen and I are sisters the reaction is always strong and almost always the same.

There are a few awkward moments of looking back and forth between us to determine if they *truly* believe us.  The next statement is usually their decision as to whether they think we look alike (we’re sisters, not twins!).  The final statement is frequently: “That’s amazing.  I could *never* work with my sister.”


It is amazing. But I also love working with my sister and can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

There is no one in this world that I have permission to give a hard time to more than her (and the reverse is true!) and there is no one I trust more deeply to have my back when things get tough.  Do we agree on everything at every moment?  No. Does anyone?  But we have many years of practice finding middle ground with each other and have perfected the fine art of negotiating.  Although, I will note that Ellen’s 3-year old version of negotiation involved writing her name in permanent marker on my toys and telling me they were hers because they had her name on them.  I’m sure that was payback for me telling our parents to take her back and return her when they brought her home from the hospital.  In present times, she is my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and I am hers.  I know that she’ll forgive me for any transgression I make and she knows that I will always give her my dessert. 

Our family life has grown and adapted over the years, making us both truly understand that family is who you choose to love and let into your life.  We have parents that have divorced and remarried, bringing other siblings and new parents into our lives that we love deeply and could not imagine life without.  One of us has a tiny nuclear family that was achieved through years of infertility, the other has a large (and LOUD) family.  Both are equally filled with love.

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On the professional spectrum we are equally opposite.

Ellen is outgoing, compassionate, and wildly smart.  I am introverted, organized, and detail oriented.  The great thing about that is that we complement each other and are able to fill in the gaps for each other.  Ellen is ready to race out the door to meet the next new person and I’m holding her car keys and a folder of information at the ready for her.

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We both feel very strongly that everyone has the right to the family they want, and we are passionate about our surrogacy matching service as a result.

We know that no one comes to surrogacy lightly or because it is their first choice.  Most come to us because it is their last shot at achieving their dream of a family.  We work hard to make certain that a difficult burden is made all that much lighter and as easy as possible. We are grateful for Colorado’s trust in us and look forward to continuing to fulfill dreams and hold babies.

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