Surrogacy 101

Extreme babysitting for those that live life to the fullest

Extreme sports are defined as being exciting and perceived to be dangerous; they typically require a high level of physical exertion and highly specialized gear.  Colorado is known for many extreme sports, such as river rafting, mountain climbing and skiing, to name only a few.  But extreme babysitting?  Surrogacy may fit the description perfectly.  Gestational surrogates take the embryo of a couple (or individual with the help of a donor), keep it safe and help it grow for nine months and then present it back to its overjoyed and loving parents.

And Bonus – You Are Helping Your Family Too!

What could be more exciting than helping a family that is unable to carry a child on their own bring a precious baby into the world?  And even more exciting?  Base compensation for first time surrogates starts $35,000.  Surrogates have the biggest hearts, love being pregnant, and genuinely want to help people.

Colorado Love

I don’t know about your past pregnancies, but mine were full of physical exertion.  By the end of my last pregnancy even tying my shoes required an effort that left me breathless like I’d climbed to the top of Pike’s Peak.  It’s impressive work growing a baby and your body works hard while you do it.  Luckily, Colorado Surrogates, LLC -- the only surrogacy agency that focuses just on Colorado surrogates -- is there to support their surrogates every step of the journey.

Gestational surrogates are not genetically related to the child they are carrying, which means IVF techniques must be used.  If microscopes, ultrasound machines, and the finest doctors available (and Colorado happens to have the best in the world!) aren’t considered specialized gear then I don’t know what is.  Plus, who is more of an expert about being pregnant than a woman who has done it before?

Is it Dangerous?

Unfortunately, the perception that surrogacy is dangerous is where my comparison falls short.  It’s no more dangerous than any regular pregnancy (which, to be fair certainly has its complications) but just as rewarding.  We work very hard to protect both our surrogates and our intended parents with full screening and expert matching, to smooth the road for your journey.  But, of course, bringing extreme happiness to others is a danger!

Am I a Good Fit?

Colorado Surrogacy, LLC is always looking for generous and adventurous women between the ages of 21 and 40 who have completed their own family but are interested in providing the greatest gift possible.  Even if you just have questions about how it works, we love to talk surrogacy and no question is off limits!  Join us for a free information session.  We offer both daytime (with babysitting!) and evening sessions. Alternatively we are always available by phone at 303-546-7927.

Originally posted on The Family Room Blog