Give the gift of joy – Become a surrogate mother

I have to admit to something that potentially causes some people large amounts of pain:  Nothing in this world equals the wonder and joy of seeing the holidays through the eyes of your child.  Now imagine desperately wanting to have a child and being unable to.  It can make the holidays a miserable and painful time; especially when Great Aunt Mabel, in all her well-meaning glory, asks when you’re going to have children.  You really don’t want to go through the entire explanation as to why you have been unable to bring that long-desired baby for the holidays.  (Fact: I actually had someone ask if “we were doing it right” during our long struggle with infertility.  That one got the double bonus of being embarrassing AND horrifying!)  If you multiply all that times the grief for same-sex couples – especially male same-sex couples who don’t have a uterus between them – it makes the holidays the least wonderful time of the year.

Here’s where the generosity of a woman willing to become a surrogate mother can deliver the gift of a lifetime to create a new family.  Gilmore Girls did a major disservice to the surrogacy community.  Surrogates are not “breeders.”  We don’t look for perfect exterior physique; it’s what is inside that matters!  Couples who are having a hard time conceiving can use their own genetic material via the science and wonder of in vitro fertilization to have their genetic child – they just need a surrogate to carry it to term.  Even in the case of same sex couples, through the use of egg donor and gestational carrier, a same-sex couple can have their own biological child as well.  Combine that with Colorado’s surrogacy friendly judicial system and both parents have their names on the birth certificate from the start!

The big question then becomes: Why be a gestational carrier?  The simplest answer is that women who step forward to give this monumental gift LOVE being pregnant.  They love their family and the joy it brings to them; but as they are done building their own family, they want to share that joy with someone else.   Gestational carriers use their compensation to help achieve many of their family goals.  From funding their children’s college funds, to saving for a down payment on a long desired home, to going back to college themselves, the reasons are as varied, unique and wonderful as they are!

If you are a fantastic and generous soul who is willing to give the greatest gift possible to another family this year, please reach out and contact Colorado Surrogacy.  

Jennifer White