Attention: Surrogate Mothers Wanted!

Colorado Surrogacy is currently running a special promotion for women who apply to become surrogates with our agency! We’d like to help you have some holiday cash in your pocket to say thank you during this season of giving for your commitment to help a family grow. Read more about our $1,000 cash advance promotion, extended through the end of 2016!

December can be a really hard time of year for people who have been struggling to have a baby. Facebook is filled with pictures of friends’ children enjoying the holiday season, parents are questioning their adult children about when they’re going to have a baby, and the isolation that comes with infertility hits an all-year high as the holidays round out.

If you already have children, and had healthy pregnancies and deliveries, it’s the perfect time of year to think about giving the most precious gift to a family and apply to become a surrogate. Surrogacy is an amazing and beautiful way to help a family out, and to receive fair and generous compensation for the love and the care you put into helping a family grow.

Compensation for being a surrogate in no way diminishes the generous act of carrying and delivering a baby for another family. We believe strongly that a woman should get paid to be a surrogate mother because it is very important work (and being pregnant is work, as you know!). Surrogate agencies in Colorado and around the country, depend upon giving, stable, healthy women to give up their time and their bodies to allow a baby to be born to a family who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have one.

Colorado is the perfect place to be a surrogate (and to look for a surrogate!). We have some of the best fertility clinics in the country right here, we have top prenatal and delivery care at multiple hospitals, and we have an ideal climate for being active year round. Our legal climate is ideal, too -- there are no specific Colorado surrogacy laws, but our courts remain very friendly to surrogates and the parents who wish to grow their families through surrogacy.

So what are you waiting for? Start the process to become a surrogate today and help give someone the greatest gift!