Colorado Surrogacy – Making babies is what we do!

Surrogacy Agency employees are pretty amazing people (if I may say so myself!).  The vast expanse of knowledge, flexibility and ability to change gears (often three times in the same sentence) required is beyond comprehension.  We have some tough days; I think every field does.  But I get to wake up every morning and say to myself: “Let’s go make a baby today!”  How fantastic is that?  Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that….

Find a Surrogate Mother

Every day we field queries from people who, quite simply, need to find a surrogate.  There are many reasons that a person would reach out to a surrogacy agent.  Perhaps they have experienced infertility, either explained or unexplained.  Perhaps they are from the LGBTQ community and need assistance from both an egg donor and a surrogate.  No matter what they are searching for, I treasure each of their stories and love being invited along on the intimate journey as we search for the perfect surrogate mother for them.

Become a Surrogate Mother

Of course, in order to find the perfect surrogate mother, we have to have the generous souls who are willing to step forward and become a surrogate mother.  Every one of these women is a gorgeous person inside and out; there is something so special about a person who is willing to give this ultimate gift.  We are the only surrogacy agency in Colorado to focus solely on surrogates from our great State.  The best part of being so close is that we get to meet each surrogate in person and really get to know her.

Colorado Surrogacy Laws

Colorado laws make our job a joy.  Through use of the pre-birth order process and a fantastic legal team, we are able to assure intended parents of all types that their name will be placed on the birth certificate of their child from birth.  There are no cumbersome or frustrating post-birth order or adoption procedures to worry about and the legal representation and service you receive throughout the process is top-notch.

Creative Problem Solving

Some days getting all the pieces to come together at the exact right moment comes with challenges.  Luckily, my life motto has always been: “The impossible simply takes a little longer.” A little bit of creativity and ingenuity go a long way every day at Colorado Surrogacy; it’s a rare day indeed to run into something we aren’t willing to take on.  It may take us a little longer than 40 weeks from when a parent contacts us to when they cradle their new baby in their arms, but we get there!

When searching for a surrogacy agency we hope Colorado Surrogacy tops your list of choices.  Our personalized and full-service approach can’t be beat.  We want to help you make a baby!

Jennifer White