Choosing the Perfect Surrogate to Grow Your Family

As a hopeful parent or parents, the questions of when to use a surrogate and what does surrogacy cost come to the forefront. There are many reasons that parents choose a gestational surrogate to carry their baby: same-sex couples are often interested in having children biologically related to one or both parents; hetero couples may face infertility that makes pregnancy dangerous or impossible; single men and women who wish to have biological children cannot always do so without a surrogate mother.

If you have decided to grow your family through surrogacy, no matter your story, you’ve come to the right place. Finding the perfect match, an immense task on your own, is made manageable (and even enjoyable!) by partnering with an agency. Colorado Surrogacy is uniquely positioned to help you find that perfect surrogate mother: we background check, medically and psychologically screen, and personally meet with all of our surrogates. Our fees are clearly stated on our website with no hidden costs. We guide you through matching phase with your needs at heart, taking our time to find a surrogate mother who complements you perfectly.

Not only that, but Colorado is the perfect state for you to find a surrogate mother. Colorado surrogate laws are very friendly to intended parents (and surrogates) with an easy process to ensure that parents’ name(s) will be on the birth certificate when the baby is born at one of the amazing hospitals in our state. We also have a beautiful climate and terrain, encouraging all the healthful benefits of an “outdoor” state.

Take a look at our step-by-step process and let us guide you through this complicated and beautiful journey. Our specialty is forging the relationship that results in your beautiful baby being born.