Colorado Surrogacy – By the Numbers

Statistics have become an important part of the decision-making process for all families looking to have children, and especially so for families having children with assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Surrogacy remains one of the understudied infertility processes, even though there is reason to believe that the use of surrogates by single people, same-sex couples, and heterosexual couples increases greatly each year.

Statistics in Colorado around surrogacy are specifically also hard to come by as the data that is currently collected through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) is collected on a national basis. As surrogacy continues to grow as a viable and beautiful way to grow families, we believe that the study and collection of statistics on surrogates and surrogacy should grow as well.

What IS well documented is that infertility affects a lot of families, 1 in 8 families  to be specific. In addition, 1 in 8 (or 7.4 million) women of reproductive age have received help for infertility in their lifetimes. Infertility can be isolating, frustrating and overwhelming – and finding a way to have a baby can be a person’s most challenging and rewarding process.

Colorado Surrogacy is proud to be doing the work of matching parents and surrogates together and guiding that beautiful relationship towards the birth of the parents’ child. Here is Colorado Surrogacy, by the numbers:

8: the number of years of ART expertise that our directors hold

10: the number of years of client and project management experience in our firm

25: the number of surrogate applications we’ve received in the past month

Our goal is to guide parents and surrogates with concierge services and a high-touch, local experience. We can’t wait to grow our numbers with you!