How does surrogacy work at Colorado Surrogacy?

At Colorado Surrogacy, our focus is on making the process to parenthood as smooth as possible. For parents having a hard time conceiving or struggling with infertility, the path to getting pregnant can seem murky and isolating. Our goal is to lighten that path and be your support every step of the way.

The first step in our process is a no-charge consultation during which we focus on what’s important to you as parents: your story, your expectation of surrogate mother cost, and what you are looking for as you find a gestational surrogate. We will also cover insurance issues and parental rights (Colorado has a very surrogacy-friendly judicial system).

After you decide to partner with us, you sign an agreement with Colorado Surrogacy and pay a portion of the agency fee. The next step is matching you with one of our supremely qualified surrogates, who are in excellent physical and mental health, and who have gone through a background check. When you find a gestational surrogate with whom you really click, we set up a meeting by phone, Skype or in person.

A surrogacy agreement is then constructed and reviewed by your attorney, a Colorado-based lawyer who specializes in reproductive technology law. Your surrogate and her spouse also have legal representation, whose fees are covered by the intended parents.

Next, a licensed reproductive endocrinologist manages In Vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. If you already have a specialist, we will coordinate the IVF and embryo transfer process with your clinic. Then after a little wait, the news you’ve all been waiting for: your surrogate is pregnant! We are involved as much or as little as you wish during this exciting time to help with schedules, medical appointments, insurance guidance, and any other question that comes up!

The last legal piece happens while your surrogate is pregnant: your legal team files documents with the court that establish your parental rights, meaning your names will appear on the Colorado birth certificate.

All that’s left is waiting for the moment you hold your baby for the first time! The relationship that you build with your surrogate up to this point culminates in this beautiful, unforgettable moment. It is our greatest hope to facilitate this amazing process for you and your family.