Kristina Wilkerson

Surrogate Story: September

What month and year was your surrogate baby born?

June 2019

What originally inspired you to look into surrogacy?


"Years ago I was seeing an OB when she told me I would never be able to have children. I was heart broken for a year before I decided to see a different OB where I learned there was nothing wrong with me. Having that feeling for a year that I couldn’t have children after having my son I knew I wanted to help someone else.."

What was your favorite or most memorable moment during this whole process?

“Seeing the ips with the baby for the first time knowing I made a family.”

What was the most unexpected part of this process?  

“Getting ready for the transfer. There were many changes made to my medications during the months before the transfer day.”

How was the matching process?

"Pretty easy. The im gave me a a letter after hearing about me and I just fell in love with her and her story. We had a Skype meeting and things just felt right."

How was the pregnancy and how involved were the Intended Parents during the pregnancy?

"The pregnancy was good. Nothing to unbearable till the last few weeks.
We spoke weekly and when I had my OB check ups. I know it was hard on them being far away so I always kept them up to date with what was going on with the baby.."

How did you talk to your kids about surrogacy before, during and after the birth?

"We didn’t talk to them about it until I was really showing. Then we just explained how some families can’t have children on their own and I was helping another family have a baby. We always spoke about the ips when taking about the baby and always reminded our children the baby wouldn’t come to our home after the hospital."

How was your delivery and post-pregnancy?

"A little crazy but good. I had a scheduled c section for a Monday and my water broke sat night so she came a little early but it all worked out and the parents were there. Post, slow but did it with the help of my husband and family"

What were your feelings when you saw the IP(s) hold their baby for the first time?

"Joy, happiness, love all at once. It’s almost like seeing a best friend hold their baby, your just so happy to see them to happy."

What was one thing you wished you would have had in your hospital bag that you forgot?

"My hands free pumping bra."

What is your relationship and contact with the Intended Parents now?

"Good, still talking and receiving pictures and updates on the baby."

What were some of the benefits of working with an agency?

"I wouldn’t have done it with one. They were with my every step and answered all questions I had."

What words of wisdom would you share with other/newer gestational carriers?

"Just take it all it, it goes by so fast."

If you decided to be a gestational carrier again, what would be the reason?

"My make two people a family."

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