Lexi Steele

Brand Manager

"If you can't have any fun, go jump in the trashcan."
— Robert "Papa" Steele

Lexi is the Brand Manager for Colorado Surrogacy. She has her Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media Design and Advertising. Her hometown is the lovely Denver, CO and she and her partner have two dogs/fur children named Carlos and Tino. Lexi is the recipient of the 2014 Youth Services Volunteer of the Year award for Goodwill. Here’s a fun fact for you…Lexi has two spirit gates on one ear and only one on the other ear. Don’t know what a spirit gate is? We didn’t either…ask her! It’s pretty interesting! (If you can’t tell, Lexi is the hippie of our group).

Why she started working in surrogacy 

“While I don't have any of my own, I love children and I believe everyone has the right to build the family they want. I met Ellen Trachman years ago and felt so touched and inspired by her dedication to growing families. Ellen and I talked about egg donation and surrogacy often. At that time, I had only dreamt about how awesome it would be to do design and marketing work for a team centered around growing families. Ellen introduced me to her sister, Jenn, when Colorado Surrogacy was initially conceived and eventually the stars aligned - I'd be offered a position on the team, which I gleefully accepted!”

Why she’s passionate about working in this industry

“I'm a happy crier. I'll admit it. I happy cry with every new story of growth, hope, and life I hear. Working in this industry fills my heart with such joy. The struggles intended parents go through, the huge hearts of all of our generous gestational carriers, a new baby to love and cherish at the end of the journey... who wouldn't be passionate about working in this industry?”

How she’d use her surrogacy compensation

"I would pay off student loan debt.”

What kind of intended parents she’d want to work with

“I'd love to work with IPs that wanted to be closely involved with the pregnancy and birth — I'd want to get to know them and become friends with them, share stories and photos with them, etc. I'm an open book, so I'd want them to be similar in that way. I'd love to work with two dads, but would be open to carrying for anyone in need of help.”

Her faves


Jesus and The Lost Goddess

Battlestar Galactica


Chips and Salsa

All the Colors!


The Avett Brothers


Peace Lily




What's brown and sticky? A stick!


Dogs, hugs, seeing people be kind to one another, a nice cold IPA around 4:30pm on a Friday



English, some Spanish


Home improvement/interior design, making jewelry, making art, working on my tarot deck