Jessica Fields

Colorado walk of hope chair

Colorado Walk of Hope

Call 303-588-5504

Event INformation

Saturday, June 29th
Cornerstone Park
5150 South Windermere Street
Littleton, CO

What is this event for and why is it important for surrogacy and growing families?

“The Walk of Hope is a fundraising and awareness event that brings together women and men living with infertility and the people and businesses that support them. The Walk includes those who are still on their journey and need support and those who have built their families - whether through treatment, adoption or living childfree - and provides inspiration and hope.  

Funds raised through the Walk of Hope events help RESOLVE continue to provide local support programs, fight for the rights of the infertility community and lead public awareness initiatives.”

What is your favorite part of the event? 

“Seeing the infertility community of Colorado come together to support each other.”

What is your favorite Memory or story from the event?

“Our team puts in tireless hours of work to ensure that this event runs smoothly. I just love watching our community come together to support one another.”

How do people get in touch with you and sign up for the event? 

“Visit the event website for more information and to register for the event.”