Patience Elizabeth

Case Manager

Colorado Surrogacy

Call 720-651-4025

Can you introduce yourself?

“I’m Patience Elizabeth, a hard working mother of 4 teenagers who is passionate about supporting families.”

How did you first become interested in Surrogacy work?

“It’s safe to say I have been thinking about fertility science most of my adult life. In my undergrad English class we had to write a paper about a newspaper article published the year we were born. I was born in the same year as the first “test tube” baby. Most everything I have done has revolved around creating and supporting families”

How did you decide to become a surrogate? 

“One of the doulas I worked with 15 years ago was a surrogate when I met her. I was fascinated by the process and wondered if that was ever something I would be able to do myself. I wanted to believe I could. I just wasn’t sure I actually could or would. About 6 years ago I was working with a family who decided to use a surrogate for their second child due to complications with their first. Without even thinking, I volunteered. That family ended up using a different surrogate, but I knew I was ready. I found an agency and started the process!”

What was your surrogacy journey like?

“My journey was a difficult one. I met an amazing couple whom I adored. Unfortunately, our journey together did not end it a beautiful baby. I ended up pregnant more than once, but each time I miscarried. You can hear my whole story on the podcast

It has been one of the most important experiences of my life. I still dearly love the couple I was matched with and hope they will have a beautiful baby in their life someday.”

What’s your educational background and experience?

"I’m a Developmental Psychologist by education. I was a preschool teacher for 7 years. I was a birth and postpartum doula for 10 years (I still occasionally attend a birth). I have been a doula trainer for CAPPA, and I have a parent coaching and consulting practice.”

Why did you want to work with Colorado Surrogacy?

“As much as I fantasize about working at Starbucks, I have to do work with meaning. When the need to branch out professionally presented itself, I looked at my options. I have known Ellen Trachman (Co-Director of Colorado Surrogacy) through my work for years. She was my lawyer for my surrogacy journey, and I was so happy when she and Jennifer White (Co-Director of Colorado Surrogacy) started Colorado Surrogacy. 

As a women-owned and -run company that helps create families, I knew this was a place I could thrive doing meaningful work."

What’s a fun fact you can share about yourself?

I’m a ballroom dancer. The dance floor is my happy place. I competed 20 years ago before I had any children. Maybe now that the children are older I’ll compete again.