Colorado Spotlight - Amber: Looking Back on the Second Journey

Now that I have completed my second surrogacy journey I have noticed the questions from outsiders follow a certain pattern, depending on what stage of the journey you are in. If it’s your first journey, the most common question asked is, “do you think you’ll be able to give up the baby.” The answer to that is simple, it’s not my baby to give up, we are giving the intended parents back their baby. The most common question I get asked now after my second journey is, “will you do it again.” The answer to that is a hard no!  

My pregnancies and births with my bio kids were incredibly easy. I was that annoying, bubbly pregnant woman, never sick and always glowing. I had this adorable little belly and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a week of giving birth. I had both of my kids out of the hospital, completely natural. I thought I could have 10 more babies, but our family felt complete after 2. I decided to pursue surrogacy to fulfill my urge to have more babies but not raise them. You can read all about my first journey here.It was the opposite of my other 2 pregnancy experiments. I was so sick and tired and miserable. I gained a lot of weight, all of my joints hurt because of the excessive weight gain. Then I went into labor early and had my first hospital experience. I ended up going to therapy for a year after that experience just to help me process everything. I felt my body had failed me.  

Then I had friends who were unable to conceive a second child and I felt the urge to carry for them. I thought maybe that pregnancy experience was a fluke and this birth will be more like my bio kids. It was not. I was even sicker, more tired and gained even more weight. I had a terrible last month of pregnancy which you can read all about here.[Insert link to Amber’s second surrogacy journey story here.]  So, no I will not be doing another surrogacy journey, but I am so glad I did 2. Having babies for other people was the most rewarding experience of my life. Watching the 2 little boys grow has made all of the misery worth it. I also got connected to my now bosses, which has been a pleasant outcome to all of this. I have a job I love and find very rewarding. You can read my second surrogacy journey story below!  

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