What makes the Colorado Surrogacy team special

Colorado Surrogacy is a Colorado-based surrogacy matching agency focused on making the best quality matches with Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers. We love our ability to focus on being local, at least to the gestational carriers, which puts us in a unique and wonderful position to be available and supportive in person when needed. We host events for gestational carriers monthly and events for all our families. We want to connect with everyone involved in this process, making sometimes a tough journey become a positive one. We love being a part of your journey!

Yes, this is a profession for the staff at Colorado Surrogacy, but it is also a passion. Jenn and Ellen began on the legal side of Assisted Reproductive Law, then started Colorado Surrogacy.  As sisters, they know the importance of family to lean on in your life.  They also love making dreams come true.  And don’t forget their love for babies! When they started Colorado Surrogacy they never imagined how their wonderful staff would come to be. Assisted Reproductive Technology sometimes makes tight connections! Everyone in the office has been touched by surrogacy or is strongly connected to Ellen or Jenn in some meaningful way. Nobody came to this profession by accident, touching lives every day. 

Colorado Surrogacy is a great group of people focused on making this a successful process for the families who choose to work with us.

Jennifer: the master organizer and works enthusiastically everyday as she runs the business. She is always available for our families and loves working with them through this process!

Ellen: the ART Lawyer with a heart and passion for helping anyone have the family they want. Ellen puts others before herself, especially if it means making more babies!

Suzie: a three time gestational carrier herself! She also wears three hats in our office; clearing gestational carriers, working diligently on gathering Medical Records for our gestational carriers and a networking champ!

Lexi: the inventive graphic designer that makes everything we do look amazing! She diligently works on all things brand, making sure we show up with our best foot forward.

Lindsay: the hero of working ambitiously on marketing and keeping up with all things social media! Constantly innovating to reach out to the generous people who become Gestational Carriers.

Ari: works with gestational carriers through the clearing process, using her social work background, showing patience and understanding.

Amanda: a previous gestational carrier herself, she wanted to help others feel supported through this process.  She is always available and open to any questions that come her way.

Our staff would love to help you become a gestational parent or to find a gestational carrier to help grow your family! We all look forward to working with you!

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